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32th BCS English (First Paper) – 2012

Subject Code: 003
Time allowed: 3 Hours
Full Marks: 100
[NB.-The figures in the right margin indicate marks. Answer all the questions.]

1. Translate Into Bangla.: 20
Twentieth century marked a turning point In our realisation for protection of mankind. It was evident more than ever before that advancement In science In the form of rapid Industrialisation has given rise to severe atmospheric degradation. Emission of Green House Gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere of our planes Earth. due to unabated race for growth and development by developed economies, Is the root cause of global warming. Developed as well as developing nations are now facing increased natural calamities like cyclones, floods, droughts etc. being caused due to global warming induced climate change. Climate change incidences have become global concerns for the whole of mankind. For addressing this, global leaders resolved under the auspices of United Nations to reduce emissions of GHGs to minimize global warming which, in its turn will help protect mankind from adverse Impacts of climate change. Bangladesh and other coastal and Island nations are most vulnerable to climate change In extreme events. As such, Bangladesh, along wing other climate vulnerable developing nations should move all UN bodies to make developed economies to cut GHGs emissions to required levels for a cooler planet, Earth.

2. Translate into English:- 20
আমাদের দেশের অধিকাংশ লোকের জন্য বিশুদ্ধ পানীয় জলের সরবরাহের ববস্থা না থাকায় তাহাদের কোন নিরাপত্তা নাই। কারণ তাহাদের অধিকাংশই গ্রামে বাস করে এবং সরাসরি কূপ, পুকুর ও নদী হইতে পানি সংগ্রহ করে। গ্রামবাসীরা জীবাণু সম্পর্কে কিছুই জানে না বলিয়া কলেরা আমাশয় ও অন্যান্য পানিবাহিত রোগের শিকারে পরিণত হয়। যে সকল গ্রামবাসী নদীর তীরে বাস করে তাহারা নদীতে যে কেবল স্নান করে ও ময়রা কাপড়-চোপড় ধোয় তাহাই নহে বরং ইহার মধ্যে সব রকমের আবর্জনা ও ময়লা নিক্ষেপ করে। শেষ পর্যন্ত নদী একটি খোলা নর্দমার মত ক্লেদাক্ত হইয়া উঠে। এই পানি যে সকল রকমের মারাত্মক জীবানুতে পূর্ণ তাহা না জানিয়াই তাহারা এই দূষিত পানি পান করিয়া থাকে।

3. Amplify the idea In one of the following: 20
a. A little learning is a dangerous thing.
b. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
c. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

4. Write a precis of the following passage: 15
Friendship is not a mere catchword or watchword but a feeling of goodwill and sympathy.Love and affection existing between two persons. It is a divine feeling which springs from similarity of tastes, feelings and sentiments and even of ideals and ideology, sometimes from similarity of tastes, feelings and sentiments and even of ideals and ideology, sometimes from gratitude and often from close association and observation. It soothes a man in his distress, alleviates his sufferings, sustains him in his misfortunes and helps him brave the theories of life and make his life meaningful. Time may come and does come to one when one cannot express one’s feelings to one’s brothers, sisters, parents, superiors and juniors. The feelings, emotions and sentiments become too heavy and until and unless one who undergoes these cannot confide them to and only friends to whom one can reveal one’s secrets and feelings. But one should bear in mind that summer or fair weather friends can do much harm and can lead one to be ruined morally, physically and socially. So right choice is a must, A true friend is one who stands by his friend in danger, smiles away his grief encourage him in good and noble deeds, prevent him from wrongdoing and gives counsels to brave the theories of life. Such a friend we need most and need to seek.

5. Fill in the blanks (any five). 5
a. The porter was overwhelmed —— wonder.
b. He is jealous —— my fame.
c The young man was dressed —— silk.
d. I am opposed —— your proposal.
e. I have no prejudice —— her.
f. The judge acquitted him —— the charge.
g. He is cordial —— Rahim.

6. Make sentences with the following:(any five). 5
a. Day after day;
b. Through thick and thin;
c. Black sheep;
d. Null and void;
e. A man of letters;
f. An apple of discord;
g. Heart and soul.

7. Correct the following (any five) 5
a. He is confident to get a scholarship.
b. He will come here just now.
c. One of the students absent today.
d. Rahim refrained to pay the fee.
e. I am here for about a week.
f. Do now speak a lie.
g. Everybody loves a cup of tea.

8. Change the voice (any five) 5
a. His pen has been stolen.
b. He made me do the work.
c. I was annoyed with him.
d. Fire burnt the ship.
e. A storm has uprated the tree.
f. Read the book.
g. The thief was caught.

9. Transform the following sentences as directed (any five) 5:
a. There were two peaple on board. (complex sentence)
b. The porter was very fortunate. (Exclamatory)
c. Don’t make any mistake (Passive)
d. My mother said to me, “Where are you going today (indirect speech)
e. Foyot’s Is a restaurant. (interrogative)
f. What a fine bird it Is ! (Assertive)
g. When the thief saw the police, he ran away. (Simple).

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