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33rd BCS English ( First Paper )

Subject Code: 003
Time allowed: 3 Hours
Full Marks: 100
[NB.-The figures in the right margin indicate marks. Answer all the questions.]

1. Translate Into Bangla:
The students of Bangladesh played a significant role during the freedom struggle in 1971. Their sacrifice, zeal, heroism, and gallantry constitute an important part of our national history. During the nine-month struggle, numerous students left their places of learning, and underwent military training to fight against the Pakistani armed forces. The student community of this country have always been conscious about their sociopolitical responsibilities. They have created the tradition of sacrificing their tender lives for the cause of mother tongue, democracy, and homeland. In 1952, they faced bullets or gun-shots, and ultimately Bangla was made one of the state languages of Pakistan. They led a mass movement in 1969 to free Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who was falsely implicated in the so-called “Agartala Conspiracy Case.” They brought down the existing regime from the pinnacle of power. However, the students should not assume that their duties are over. They should remember that it is hard to win freedom, but it -is harder to preserve it.

2. Translate into English:
বেগম রোকেয়া তাঁর সাহিত্যকর্মে রচনার জন্য তৎকালীন বাঙালী সমাজে পরিচিতি অর্জন করতে সক্ষম হয়েছিলেন। তাঁর সমকালে শুধু নারী সমাজের মধ্যে নয়, অনেক প্রতিষ্ঠিত পুরুষ লেখকদের মধ্যেও রোকেয়ার ন্যয় বুদ্ধিদীপ্ত অসাম্প্রদায়িক ও উদার লেখক ছিলেন বিরল। রোকেয়া বাড়ি বাড়ি ঘুরতেন এবং নারী শিক্ষার তাৎপর্য সম্পর্কে অভিভাবকদের বুঝাতেন। এজন্য তাঁকে অনেক সমালোচনা, তিরস্কার সহ্য করতে হয়েছিল। কিন্তু অদম্য সাহস ও ইস্পাত কঠিন মনোবলের জন্য তিনি কখনও পিছু হটেননি।

3. Amplify the idea in one of the following:

a. Actions speak louder than words.
b. Heard music is sweet but those unheard is sweeter.
c. A silver lining exists even in the darkest cloud.

4. Write a precis of the following passage:
Poor people spend a much bigger share of their overall spending on food than on energy. If the use of food crops for bio-fuels increases, commodity prices Increase, making these crops less accessible to the poor. It is estimated that the rapid increase in, global bio-fuel production will push global corn prices up to 41 per cent, oil-seeds prices to 76 per cent, and wheat prices to 30 per cent by 2020. Thus, these price increases of foods will lead to more expenses in food, and will also affect diet quality and nutrition level.

The rising prices can be successfully handled if crop yield is increased substantially. But what is more important is to frame a pragmatic bio-fuel policy to regulate ethanol production from trees and grasses. These steps will have positive impact on the country’s economic growth.

5. Fill in the blanks (any five):

a) Rini is worst _____ figure-work.
b) Humayun is senior to Tipu _____ three years.
c) We had to depend _____ our parents until 2000.
d) Our university will organise a show _____ its campus.
e) I was subsequently placed _____ the inquiry committee.
f) They, have been working in this office _____ 2005.
g) Yasmin Is married _____ Rizwan.

6. Frame sentences with the following prepositions (any five):

a) Benefit of doubt;
b) Pave the way;
c) Give in;
d) Turn in;
e) Back out;
f) Apple of discord;
g) In harness;
h) Come of.

7. Correct the following sentences:

a) Maradona was born in a poor family.
b) Razi could not attend the meeting timely.
c) This incident has occurred ten years ago.
d) Kalpon’s father died due to a road mishap.
e) There is no alternative for knowledge acquisition.
f) Let us ponder about this problem.
g) Our car took an U-tern near the Mohammadpur bus stand.
h) After Rapty completed her M. Ed., she joined a secondary school.

8. Change the form of the voice (any five):

a) My book is read by many.
b) Tell me the tale.
c) I placed the personal to him.
d) All respect Seraj for his uprightness.
e) Munni was singing a modern song.
f) Did you take the therapy?
g) Onions sell at high prices.

9. Use the correct form of verbs shown in the parentheses:
The Montana Supreme Court (have) ruled that physicians (can) not be (prosecute) for (prescribe) lethal drugs for patients who (are) terminally ill. In New Zealand a bill to permit assisted suicide is (await) parliamentary approval.

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